Tuesday, December 18, 2012

diy plaid art

I have been B-U-S-Y this week making signs for Christmas decorations.  So far this season, I have made 3 signs, and then I just made this plaid art as a backdrop for one of them. If you remember, I made some simple chevron art for the guest room back in March.
But when I started decorating the dresser in this space for the holidays, it just wasn't working.  So, I decided to just flip it over, and create something new on the back.  This is where I started.  This is a piece of 1/8" mdf that we had from the nightstands we refurbished in this room.
I started by giving it two thin coats of white paint with these foam rollers I picked up from the dollar store a few months ago.  They are not great, but for a small project like this, it did the trick. And, I didn't have to wash anything out, I just tossed the roller when I was done.
 Then, using some leftover paint from other projects and what I have in the craft closet, I came up with an idea of what I would do on a scratch piece of paper. You could used any color combination, and any combination of lines.  This is what I liked the best.
 Then, I busted out some 1" painters tape, for my first set of lines.  I really just eye-balled it because, as you know by now, I do not make perfect projects!
  I started with my black lines,
 then, taped off my second set of lines using a combination of the painter's tape, and 3/4" masking tape.
 At this point, my plaid was looking pretty awesome, but I knew I wanted to take it one more step into Christmas-town.
 So, I taped it off one more time...
 and bam! some simple Christmas-y plaid art.
 This project was super simple, and I spent zero dollars on it because I already had everything I needed! Even if you didn't have all this, it would literally only cost about $5-$10 for the mdf, tapeand paint.
 I mentioned earlier that I needed this as a back-drop for another sign I made, and here it is!
I actually found this image on Pinterest, but didn't want to purchase the stencil, so I traced it from the monitor and cut out my own stencil.  One note about this...I use this technique of stenciling all the time for my own projects, but if you do this yourself, DO NOT SELL THESE! Even if you are making the item yourself, you are still stealing someone else's work for your own profit, and that's just not cool. Trace and stencil with caution, people!

Now that I got that off my chest, check out this cute little display on the pink dresser in the guest room.
The mini tree was only $5 at Home Depot, and I added a $2 string of lights to make it more festive.
 I picked up this cute little Santa candle holder a few years ago from Pier one.
 I cannot even explain to you how much I love this cute little plaid board, and how much I love this whole vignette! I hope it will make our Christmas guests smile when they see it!

Check out some of the other DIY Christmas projects I've made this year:

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