Thursday, December 13, 2012

diy christmas card holder

Finally another Christmas craft! I've been wanting to get this project done for a few weeks now, but I've been so busy I haven't even had a chance.  The Christmas cards started rolling in before December even started, so I made this holder to go on a door. It was simple, quick, cheap, and it keeps with the burlap/rustic Christmas feel we have going on, so I love it!
I got all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby.  The burlap ribbon was actually leftover from an outdoor project that I'm going to share tomorrow, so I already had that on hand.  Otherwise, I picked up the red ribbon and clothespins on separate trips, and between sales and coupons, this whole project was about $10.
 I actually made this in the laundry room, because all the other surfaces in my home seem to be a disaster at the moment.  Between shopping bags with gifts on the island in the kitchen, to the mess left from finishing Christmas cards yesterday, this was the only available work zone.
 First thing was to cut the burlap and ribbon.  The doors in our house are about 80" tall, so I cut the burlap at about 85".  For the ribbon, I decided I wanted to double it up so you couldn't see through it so much, and so it would add more texture. See the difference?
 So, I cut 170" of ribbon...
 To tack each layer together, I used hot glue and spread a very thin layer on the burlap.  I'm talking thin people, no globs of glue here.  If you use globs, it will show through the ribbon and not look as pretty.  Just a bit of glue will attach both layers of the ribbon to the burlap. I did this about every 8 inches or so.
Once I was finished with this 5 minute project, I literally taped each end to the inside of the door and voila! A little silly, I know, but it works and it's low maintenance.
 Please excuse the weird coloring of this door...this hallway has yet to be painted...
And look at those gorgeous layers!
I love this, and it was so easy to make! Now we can enjoy all the messages from our friends and family, all month long!  And, when we put the decorations away, this will just roll up nicely for easy storage.

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