Monday, December 3, 2012

decorating our tree

Are you ready for some pictures? On Saturday night, Matt and I put up our Christmas tree and we had so much fun! It has become our tradition to decorate our home for the holidays just the two of us, and it is so special.  We got our tree at our friendly neighborhood Home Depot, where they are so helpful! You pick the tree and they cut the end off, as well as any branches you don't want.  Then, they wrapped it up in netting for easy transport, and tied it to the top of our car.  
Our ceilings in the living room range from 10'-18', so we got a nice big 8'+ tree.  It is by far the tallest tree either of us has ever had.  And it's awesome! Seriously, that's 3 feet taller than me!
We started putting lights on, and realized that I forgot to get enough.  So back to Home Depot we went to pick up two more boxes of lights!
Before I forget, I wanted to tell you about this awesome tree feeding funnel that we picked up while we were  at the store.  It's essentially just a really long tube that you stick in your tree stand, and there's a funnel on top for easy watering.  You could very easily DIY this with some PVC pipe and a funnel, but this was only $5 so we grabbed it.
And, speaking of the tree stand, we've had this one for a couple years now, and it is the best!  It's called the Express Tree Stand, and it's a little pricey at about $35, but it's totally worth it! It has little spikes in the bottom that you essentially slam the bottom of the tree into, then you simply push the handles in, and then turn them a couple times and you're done.  No grabbing the pliers to turn handles a million times, no messing with each handle to get the tree straight, just simple so you can get to the fun part of decorating!
Ok, back to decorating fun! Every year, I always wear a santa hat while we decorate, so I made Matt put this elf hat on for a picture!
He makes me smile :)
Bailey even got in on the action...but I don't think she was too excited about it.
When I was a kid, my parents always got us a new ornament every year, so along with other ornaments that we received and/or made, we have quite a few ornaments.  I told him to look like he was having fun for this picture.
Matt got a new guitar ornament while we were up in Estes Park last year.  He hopes to collect them for future trees, but good guitar ornaments are harder to find then you would think!
 I also got a new guitar ornament this year...it even plays "Sparks Fly"!!
Among our ornaments, we have a coffee cup that smells like coffee beans (and has been going strong since 2006!),
 the Empire State Building,
this awesome Rockettes ornament I got a few years ago when Matt and I went to see them live, 
and, some homemade ornaments like this gingerbread Christmas tree...smells so good!
Because our tree is so tall, I actually had to use a ladder to put lights, ornaments, and the star on the very top section.
Once everything was in its place, Matt grabbed the camera, and took some awesome shots of the room and tree.  I love the way the O Holy Night art that I made last week, looks!
It was such a fun night, full of tradition, and we are so excited for the holiday memories we will make in this room during the next month.  I will continue to decorate the house this week, and share as we go!


  1. looks awesome! sending a sleigh full of yuletide cheer your way from Austin!

    1. Thanks, Andy!! We hope your holiday season is just as wonderful!!


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