Tuesday, November 20, 2012

why wouldn't I paint the dining room 3 days before thanksgiving?

I put together our Thanksgiving tablescape last week, and realized that I really wanted to have the walls look better for our first time hosting this holiday.  So why wouldn't I get it done really quick, and have it looking its best for the big day?  After all, I was the one that reupholstered a chair the week of my wedding (everyone thought I was nuts then, too!).

This is where the dining room started: boring, off-white walls, awful honey oak trim, and oak floors that I felt indifferent to.
First step was to paint the trim.  Because this room isn't carpeted, I just kept the trim in place and painted it free-hand.  Something strange happened when I finished this step, I started to have some love for the floors. I realized that because of the oak on oak, my floors were getting lost in my hatred for the trim, and with these new crisp white baseboards, my floors were starting to shine.
So, we were able to finish this room last night while getting caught up on Bones and How I Met Your Mother.  The end result is wonderful.  It's a low-key color, but really brings the living room and dining room together, so they flow as one space.  
Please excuse the window treatment...it came with the house and I have yet to replace it.
I am loving these floors now!
It feels so good to have this room painted.  Now if I could only figure out window treatments and a rug...


  1. Did you sand the trim before you painted it? What kind of paint did you use? Thank you!

    1. Hello! Yes, I sand lightly to get rid of the sheen. We use Behr Premium Plus Ultra Pure White in Semi Gloss for all the trim and doors.



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