Tuesday, November 13, 2012

i can't stop organizing

Hello everyone!! I have been super-focused, crazy-busy on the simpler home series that I have going right now, that I feel like I haven't shown you anything that we've updated lately!  Well, besides doing all the de-cluttering, purging, organizing of all the main rooms of our house, I finally paid some attention to the music room/spare room yesterday. When we first moved in, the room looked about like this:
Well, since we've lived here for over 10 months, it's become somewhat of a dumping ground; and it's also where the dogs go when we leave the house.
The closet just had some extra clothes and my wedding dress in it. 
We were up there on Saturday (which I'm not up there often), and I started to feel really bad.  This room is supposed to be Matthew's music room, and it's really the only space in the house that is just his.  So, I decided to surprise him before he got home from work, and cleaned it up.
 See the clear desk?  We actually just decided to move our desktop down to the main floor so that I can use it more for writing (more on that soon!).
 That also means that we will probably end up getting rid of this desk sometime in the near future (thank goodness!), but it looks so much better now.  And, when Matt works from home, he will actually have a clear place to work.
Then, I really made it so he can come in this room to play music/rehearse.  We picked up these chairs months ago for $2.50/each, and I have yet to re-cover them.  But now, he can come up here and "jam".
We have also had this piece of art for years now, and have never hung it.  We got it at an amazing sale at a store called Four Hands when we lived in Austin, for $15!
 And now the closet is storage for his guitars in cases, messenger bag, cords, etc.
It feels so good that he has his own space now, that isn't full of the house's junk!  Now, if I could just get to re-covering those darn chairs! It'll happen one day, but probably not until after the New Year, at the rate we're going!

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