Monday, November 5, 2012

diy faux basket

Baskets can be expensive, and sometimes it's really hard to find the right one for a space.  This is what happened in our little mudroom, so I made my own "basket".  
Would you have known this wasn't actually a basket if I hadn't told you? It's actually an amazon box!
 I simply cut the box down to the size I wanted the "basket" to be, and taped it so I could start wrapping it.
Starting at the top of the box, I wrapped it with Jute twine from Home Depot, and hot glue.  One roll of this was enough, and it was $2.33.
When I got to the bottom, I just continued all the way to the center.
To finish the basket, I used some leftover fabric from the ottoman I reupholstered a few months ago to create a lining.  This fabric was actually a canvas dropcloth that already had a nice edge, so all I had to do was fold, and cut, and hot glue it in.
Since this basket is high up, I didn't worry too much about how the inside looked, but here's a quick peak for you...beautiful, right?
 Just like the sunglasses holder that I made for the mudroom, I also attached this to the wall with industrial strength velcro.
Altogether, this project cost me less than $4, and it's the perfect storage spot for coupons and other items that I have to remember to take with me on the go.
And, that rounds out the projects that I made for the mudroom.

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