Sunday, November 11, 2012

15 days to a simpler home: day 8 - the guest room

We are over half way there, people!! How are you feeling about this getting-organized-goodness?

Just like I showed you a few days ago in our guest bathroom, it is a good idea to have everything prepped for the guest room at all times as well.  For us, we currently have a dedicated guest room that we keep setup, but if you have guests stay in one of your kid's rooms, you can keep a checklist of these items to prep right before your guests' arrival.
The first thing I would recommend about your guest room is to make it as comfortable as possible for your guests.  If you can, and have a dedicated guest room, style it like a hotel or room at a bed and breakfast.  Some other items that are nice to have your guests are:

A dresser with a few empty drawers.
Be sure that the bed has plenty of pillows.
And, you can keep a few extras, and a blanket in the room as well.  We keep these in the closet.  If you keep these in the closet as well, be sure to leave the door open so that guests know they are allowed to use this space.
Another note about the closet: keep empty hangers, and space for guests to hang items if they need to.  Don't make guests rearrange items in the closet to hang their clothes.
Make sure there are visible outlets around for your guests to use.  Everyone has a cell phone now, so they will need a place to plug in their phone.  Having an outlet near the bed is best, so they can use it as an alarm clock if they need.
Tissues are a nice thing to keep in this room as well, because you never know when someone will get the sniffles!  A trash can to dispose of these is also good.
I also like to call our guests ahead of time to see if there is anything specific they might need while they are staying with us, or what their breakfast favorites are.  

And, it's nice to place fresh flowers in the guest room for a personal touch.
Having your guest room (or at least the guest room items) set to go at all times, will make it very easy for you when preparing for your guests' arrival, and makes your life so much simpler!

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