Thursday, November 8, 2012

15 days to a simpler home: day 5 - bathrooms for your guests

One way to simplify your home that you might not have thought about before is making it readily available for guests.  And I'm talking about all kinds of guests: your parents, when they stop by to say hi; your friends, when they come over for dinner; and your grandparents, when they stay for the weekend.  When you are all set up and ready to go for guests at any point, the day(s) before their arrival will not be so stressful.

One place that all of these guests will use when they are at your home is your powder room and/or guest bathroom.  We are fortunate enough to have both in our house, and each room has different needs.

Let's start with the 1/2 bath, or powder room.  This room is on the main floor of our house, and the bathroom that guests who are not spending the night typically use.  Being that's it's the only bathroom on this floor, this is also the bathroom that is used the most in general for us as well. 
Things that you should keep in this room are:

1. Basics like hand soap, a hand towel, and toilet paper.
2. Kleenex, Plunger and Toilet Brush
Especially because our "low-flow" toilets are 12 years old, they are super fussy and clog very easily.  Having a plunger readily available for guests is a nice thing to do, and can keep them from having a really embarrassing moment.

3. Extra Toilet Paper and a Trash Can

4.  I would also recommend having a set of cleaning supplies in each bathroom.
This makes it really easy to clean the bathrooms, without having to lug out all the cleaning supplies.  Having everything in here already leaves you with no excuse to not clean it.
The laundry room is right next to our half bath, so I actually don't keep cleaning supplies in that bathroom, but in the other baths I keep a multi-surface cleaner, glass cleaner, sponge, paper towels, and an extra bottle of soap.

For our full guest bathroom upstairs, we make sure to include everything that is in the 1/2 bath. But, we also have some other things up there when we have guests coming to stay overnight.
 1. Have extra toiletries that your guests may have forgotten.
 I make sure to have lotion, toothpaste, a wrapped toothbrush, contact solution, a contact case, razors and some "feminine products" if we have a female guest.  When we aren't having overnight guests, you can just store this basket under the sink and it will be ready for when they arrive.
 2. Qtips and Cottonballs
I picked up this large mason jar, and candle holder from Michael's for this cute little set.

3. Have multiple hooks for Towels.
Our guest bathroom is very much a work in progress, and eventually we plan to add a few hooks in the future.  But without a plan yet, we just have this over the door hook available for extra towel space.
We set towels out before the guests arrive, but keep extras under the sink as well.
Having all of these items in these bathrooms will make for an extra comfortable stay for your guests, and will make getting ready for their arrival very simple for you.

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