Sunday, November 18, 2012

15 days to a simpler home: day 15 - craft supplies and wrapping paper

Craft supplies are endless, it seems; and they can really pile up. And then life gets busy, and it takes awhile for them to actually be completed.  

A lot of times I will save random little things "just in case" I might need them for a future project.  But, like so many other areas of our home, those items pile up, and take up a lot of space, adding to the clutter.  So, if I have held on to something for about a year and still haven't used it, it's getting the axe.  I actually did a craft supply purge about a month ago, and got rid of a ton of stuff.  But even today, when I was going through these things, I came up with even more to get rid of.

I used to scrapbook a ton, but since we bought our house, not so much.  So, I made a pile of things on the right that I can sell at the garage sale, and a pile of things on the left to be thrown away. Going through your craft supplies every 6 months to a year or so will help you to keep them in control.
As for the organization itself, here is my craft closet.
I purchased this rolling cart of drawers from Sam's club a few years ago, but now it's available on Amazon. It's great because I have everything sorted by type, and added my own little labels (just like the medicine drawers in the linen closet) for easy organization.  
I. Love. Labels.
 I also have this larger set of drawers for fabric, yarn, and misc supplies for other projects.
In this closet, we also keep our wrapping paper.  We don't keep a ton of extra paper around, one or two rolls for birthdays, one or two rolls for weddings, a few rolls for Christmas. 

A lot of the pieces in this organization system, we actually had from an old Elfa system (from The Container Store) that was for our DVDs.  You can buy the shelving bar and baskets here. We chose to just have one basket for tags and ribbons/bows, and one basket for tissue paper for our storage solution, because we tend to not hold on to a lot of extra things.

Quick Tip:
Holiday gift wrap is so expensive, so purchase rolls of paper and embellishments at a greatly reduced rate in the days/weeks after Christmas.  Then, use that paper for the following Christmas, and you will save a ton of money!  Another great place to find gift wrap is in the One Spot at Target.  They typically have small rolls, and gift bags throughout the year, for different occasions.

For the bags we have, I used a simple shelf bracket from Home Depot to hang these on.
For the wrapping paper, you can use a basket on the bottom, and then a media rack further up to hold them in place.  I also recommend keeping tape and scissors with your gift wrap, so everything is in once place, and it is easy to find.
If you don't have a lot of extra space for organizing your craft supplies, be creative! I craft and diy things quite a lot, and I just used less than half of this closet!  Decide what things you really need, and create a storage plan that best meets your needs, and life.  Knowing where everything is will make crafting easier and more enjoyable.

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