Thursday, November 15, 2012

15 days to a simpler home: day 12 - bathrooms

Just a few more days, everyone!! Today we will be looking at bathrooms that are used on a daily basis.  For us, this is just our master bathroom, but for a lot of you, this is your kid's bathroom(s) as well.  Bathrooms are a pain to clean, and when they are full of stuff, that makes it even harder.  Here's my two cents on bathrooms, bathroom organization, and bathroom cleaning.

Clean your bathroom every week, and your shower every 1-2 days.  Now, I'm not talking a major scrub-down every 1-2 days, but rather a quick scrub with this handy-dandy tool that I mentioned on Day 1.  Fill a scrub brush with 1 part dawn dish soap and 1 part white vinegar.  Then, scrub down the walls/door if you have one with it when you're in the shower.  
Doing this will cut down on the on-your-hands-and-knees-scrubbing that you have to do.
But, if you're like me, and you started in a place of being really terrible about deep cleaning your tub/shower floor, here is a great trick that I just learned today!  It's a simple tub scrub that I got from Martha (that lady's a genius!).  Just mix 1/2 cup baking soda with 1/2 tsp dish soap, and add small amounts of water, stirring, until it is a paste. Then, get to scrubbing.  

This is mid-process. Do you see that line? Oh. My. Goodness, it's a miracle!
And here it is now that i'm done.
Between starting here, scrubbing every other day, and then maybe doing this a little every month or so, cleaning will be so much simpler, and quicker!

Since we're already in the shower (Awkward!), let's talk about what to keep in the shower.  This can get really out of hand, and I'm not even really certain why.  We like to keep it simple, with Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Soap, and a razor.  We even found that Matthew and I can use the same shampoo which is helpful for shopping, and for space.  I wouldn't suggest this if you use expensive shampoo, but I am all about the $4 bottle.
I also like to keep these items in a caddy (even in a full tub/shower), because that way the bottles don't leave gross rings of guck on your tub!

Moving on, go take a look in your bathroom vanity.  Do you use everything in there? I'll bet you don't!  Pull everything out of the cabinets and drawers, and make three piles: one pile that you use everyday (or close), one pile that you use every month or two, and then one pile that you never use and are holding onto "just in case."  And just go ahead and throw away that set of shampoo and conditioner that you tried and it didn't work out.  You will never use them, and they are sucking up space in your life.

To start, throw away pile 3.  Then go through pile 2, and really think about if you need each item there.  Once you have just what you need, look at your space, and organize your items in bins/baskets/drawers, or whatever you have to make the best use of the space.

I have my cabinet organized by what each item is for.
 This is the basket of items that I only use every few months or so.  If I ever have an item that needs to go in here and it's full, I will throw something out.  I will only keep what can fit in this basket.
 The top drawer is mine, which I have organized by type, again.
 And, on the inside of this drawer, I took a strip of sticky-backed magnet, and this is where bobby pins live.
 In Matthew's drawer, we utilized dollar store baskets to organize his things.
In his cabinet, since he doesn't have that much stuff, we keep the trash can, his extra things, the scale, and extra toilet paper, qtips, and cotton balls
Just like in the other bathrooms, this is also where we keep a set of cleaning supplies.
One thing about being the slightly OCD person that I am, I do not like things on counters.  But, because of our storage situation, we have this basket of necessities on the counter.
 We utilized a mason jar each for things like our toothbrushes, combs, etc.
 Another tip, for cleaning purposes, is to keep a plunger and toilet brush in each bathroom.  That way, you can scrub out the bowl if you notice it's getting a little dirty.
 I suggest having a specific spot for each person's robe and towel in the bathroom as well.
I even threw up a robe hook next to the shower so I can hang my towel and robe there before I get in; my towel rack isn't super close, so this is helpful.  Plus, this hook was only $0.88 at Home Depot.
One last recommendation I have for the bathroom is to have a clock that can be seen from the shower.  That way, you can check the time and make sure you're not running late in the morning.
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  1. I tried the dish scrubber filled with dish soap and vinegar and I did it every time I showered for two weeks.... no change :( I still had to clean and scrub the shower! I was really hoping it would've worked since the shower is my least favorite to scrub.

    1. Really? Our shower was not super clean when I started it, so I did the tub scrub, and then have been using the dish scrubber every other day, and it's been amazing! Especially with our glass door; it's changed my life!

      So sorry it didn't work for you!


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