Tuesday, November 13, 2012

15 days to a simpler home: day 10 - your master bedroom oasis

Yeah, you heard me! Oasis.

Your master bedroom, in my opinion, should be the simplest room in your home.  One of the first to be decorated.  And the most important to keep de-cluttered.  This room is your oasis from the world.  This room is where you should go to relax, and in many cases, should be romantic. This was the goal for our master bedroom.
My husband and I had very similar ideas for what we wanted our room to be, so designing it was simple for us.  But, if you don't share the same design aesthetic as your husband or wife, don't just leave them out!  This is their room too, and they need to feel comfortable in it.  And, ladies, if your husband says "he doesn't care", that doesn't mean you should fill this space with floral prints.  In fact, we went with a fairly masculine design, because pastels and flowers and girly things just didn't scream "calm, romantic, oasis" to us.

First things, first. Leave the clutter out of this room.  This is where you re-charge, and there should not be a ton of "stuff" in here.  I mean anything from extra items on your nightstand, trinkets, and definitely not any type of paperwork.  This space should be simple and easy to clean.  No muss, no fuss!

 Keep it simple with the furniture.  What do you need? A bed, probably two nightstands, possibly a dresser (I say possibly, depending on how much room you have in your master closet).  Maybe you even have the space for a chair or two? 

 We kept it to just these basics.  Our bed is a simple, clean-lined frame that we diy'd ourselves here and here.  We like the look of a white duvet, and we "splurged" on pillows that we loved that were about $14/each.  Making your bed comfortable is really important.
Quick Tip:
Just like I told you for the cleaning checklist, make your bed everyday! Most of the time, that means waking up 1-2 minutes earlier (that's all!), and getting it done before you jump in the shower.  Don't wait until you're running out the door, because then it will never happen.  It is so worth it when you go into your room at night to a made bed; it is so inviting and comfortable.

Let's talk nightstands.  These things can get really out of control, really fast.  Take ours for instance, we shopped around for these inexpensive Ikea "dressers" that we use as nightstands.  They have a ton of space, and could easily become giant junk drawers.  But, getting into a habit of only having what we need in them/what actually belongs in them has been really helpful.
For instance, here are our top drawers, the ones we use everyday:
The only reason I keep my nail polish in here is because storage in our bathroom is tight, and I can keep it all in one spot in the basket.
And, in the other drawers we have an extra blanket,
 Matthew's sunglasses and watches (he used to work at Oakley and Fossil...go figure!),
 and, paint clothes. lol
See? Very specific so that they do not get cluttered.  And, keeping the top of each nightstand clear of extra items makes it so you can put a glass of water there if you need, or your phone, since that is what we use for an alarm clock.   I truly believe that the less clutter your space has, the less clutter your mind will have (or at least less mind-clutter about the space-clutter!).

We were also very specific about what we put on the walls.  Below is a diy piece I did that takes up a good part of that wall, but it's not too busy.
And the only photos we have in the space are of us, like this gallery we did of our wedding pictures. 
 Another element to making this room comfortable is with the temperature.  Our room was always hot in the summer, so we installed a ceiling fan.  If your room gets cold, bring in an extra heater, or extra blankets, so it is just right.
One topic that is up for much discussion is having a television in the bedroom.  The only reason we have a tv in our room is because we use it once a week, at most.  Sometimes we like to cuddle up and watch a movie at night in bed, or watch HGTV on Saturday mornings while we eat cinnamon rolls.
I know a lot of advice is to not have a tv in your room because it is a distraction, and it can cause a vast array of problems.  But luckily, we have not had this issue at all, and, we are both in agreement that if it does become an issue, the tv will go right away.  

Your bedroom should be a place you love to go, not just a place you sleep.  Take some time, and dream of what you really want this space to be, and then do it!  It doesn't have to be expensive; in fact, our entire room, including our bed frame and headboard, nightstands, bedding, dresser/media stand, artwork, lamps, and accessories, was less than $400.  You can find more inspiration for beautiful bedrooms here.

Having a simple oasis to clear your head will help you to simplify your life outside of that space, and make life much easier, less complicated, and more enjoyable.

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