Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the sweetest girls

I'm feeling a little sad today, as I just said bye to our niece Kiva, and her beautiful Mom Aden!  They arrived on Thursday, and we had such a wonderful weekend spending time with them and getting to know Kiva.  She is about 14 months old, and we absolutely adore her.

I took so many pictures...
Kiva loved Roxy and Bailey, and walked around the house the whole time saying "Da!" a.k.a. Dog. 
 We spent most of our evenings hanging out in the living room on the big comfy couch.  
Kiva even got to have an Oreo, that was quickly all over her face.
Kiva loves her Uncle Matt.  He is such a calm guy and doesn't try too hard to make kids like him, and I think that's why they always love him.
 And Uncle Matt loves little Kiva. :)
 Waking up to these cute little things in our house warmed my heart. 
 On Saturday, we went to breakfast and Kiva really enjoyed kicking Matt in the face in the car (followed by him throwing his head back much more than a tiny baby kick would cause).
The light outside that morning was so perfect.  How beautiful is this girl?!?
The problem with being the one taking the photos is that there are very few pictures with me in them.  But, I got Matt to snap this one last night.  Love these ladies!
 More love for the puppies.
It was so wonderful to have them stay with us and spend time with them, and
I can't wait until we get to do it again!

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