Friday, October 26, 2012

the first snow

Well, the first significant snow, that is...and it's just as beautiful as a I remember.  See, I'm a snow-loving gal, and so this time of the year when it first starts, just makes me so happy! I have always loved the snow, and I definitely think it helps that I never have to drive to work, so it really doesn't affect me that much. 

It all started on Wednesday night.  The flakes were huge, and it started to accumulate quickly.
 Then, yesterday morning, I woke up to this view from my desk in my office.
 There was about 3-4" on the ground, and about 5-6" on the table and chairs.
It was so pretty, and the house feels that much cozier when there's snow outside.
 We still haven't assessed the aspen sprouting situation in the back, so they were weighted down by the snow.  I promise we will clean this mess up when the snow melts, and before it starts again.
Remember when we adopted Roxy, back in February?  She was just 2 months old, and didn't get to experience much snow at all before spring arrived.  So at first, while Bailey ventured in the yard, Roxy was just hanging out on the  patio wondering what all this white stuff is.  See her over there on the left?
 I love when it sticks to the side of the house like this. So beautiful.
 Finally, she ventured out into the yard, still unsure of how to handle the situation.
And then, made her way back to the door asking to come back inside.  Cuteness with the snow on her nose.
 At about 11, the sun came out, and the blue sky started to peak through the clouds.
Gorgeous, right?  And then....it snowed again last night, and we woke up to this! More snow!!
Awesome-town! All this snow makes me super excited for the holidays, and I am constantly dreaming of how beautiful this house will be when we decorate for Christmas.

So is it snowing in your neck of the woods?  Do you have puppies that aren't too sure about what to make of this winter weather?  Happy Friday everyone, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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