Thursday, October 11, 2012

measuring cup organization

I like to keep measuring cups and spoons separated, and in a cabinet vs a drawer for a few reasons:

1.) When you keep measuring spoons together, and only use one, I feel like you still to clean all of them.
2.) The spoons in particular are small and can get lost in the "kitchen gadget drawer"

So, for about 10 months now, we've been living like this, and it has worked okay, but could be so much better.
I'm sure you've all seen this picture floating around on Pinterest, and I have to give credit where credit is due for this project. Warning: this cabinet looks much much prettier than mine at the moment!
I love this idea and it costs little to no money for most people! All you need is (1) 5 gallon paint stir stick which is free at Home Depot or Lowes, cup hooks, and either tiny screws or Command Velcro Strips.  I happened to have all of these on hand already, so this was free for me to do! 
First step is to measure where you need to cut your stir stick to fit your cabinet.
Then, draw a line down the middle with a pencil (so you can erase it!). 
This line is where you will place your measuring cups to ensure your cup hooks are all lined up together. Place the cups and spoons on the stick and mark with a pencil where the hooks will go in.
Don't mind my terrible measuring cups.  We're currently missing 1 cup and 1 Tablespoon, so new measuring cups will be here in the near future.
On each mark you just made, you can take a nail and drive it in the stick a bit to get the hole started.  This will make screwing in the cup hooks so much easier!
Once your cup hooks are in, erase the line you drew before.

I chose to use Command Velcro strips on this because we have a kitchen remodel project on the horizon, and I didn't want to drill holes in my cabinet door.  I also chose not to paint this yet since we will be refinishing the cabinets and I'm not sure what will look best.
Since this stick is only 1.5" wide, you can cut this piece in half and put the side without the tab directly on the stick.  The side with the tab will go on the cabinet.
It's not super pretty at the moment, but once we get going on the kitchen remodel, I will be able to finish this.  But for now, especially since this is on the inside of a cabinet, the functionality is key.

Make sure when you put this up that you will be able to close the door - hint: hang this right under a shelf.
Update!!! I did it, I bought new measuring spoons and cups, and this looks so much better!

I think this is perfect for our needs, and now we have more shelf space!


  1. I love that you used the 3M adhesive's on here! I didn't do this when I saw on Pinterest because we have old thin wood cabinets and I worried they would split or crack! I will have to say that I will be doing this too soon! I hate when I put them away sometimes they get caught and won't allow the drawer the close. Great thinking!

  2. I am in an eternal battle with the measuring spoon/measuring cup drawer. I can never find what I need and the cups always make the drawer get stuck. I will have to do this when we have a place of our own. It looks great!

  3. I am in an eternal battle with the measuring spoon/measuring cup drawer. I can never find what I need and the cups always make the drawer get stuck. I will have to do this when we get our own place. It looks great!

  4. Thanks! I am loving it, and will probably love it more when I get a better set! And redo the kitchen... Haha

  5. Can I clone your article to my blog? Thank you.


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