Wednesday, October 17, 2012

it's the little things in life

I have been working on a bunch of projects here, but haven't quite completed any of them so it's just a little update today.  Remember the console table in our kitchen area that I refurbished a few months ago?
I did this project quickly, and just threw on some cheap drawer pulls
without thinking much about it.
But, after a few months, I just wasn't feeling these boring stainless pulls; they just weren't the right fit for this piece.  I was at Hobby Lobby last night, and spotted these guys, and I knew they were perfect!
They've got just enough detail, without too much.  And they were 50% off, so I updated this piece for $4! 
Off came the old guys, and voila!
So much better!
Are you sitting there thinking to yourself "does it really make that much of a difference?" You better believe it does! It's small changes and updates like this that complete a look and make it just what I want!

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