Wednesday, October 3, 2012

diy fall wreath

I made the wreath that is on our door for fall and it was super quick, and super cheap!  I paid less than $6 out of pocket for this guy.

 I started out by picking up a wreath from Walmart for $3.50, and a package of fabric leaves from Michaels for $2.00.  I placed the leaves the way I wanted, and attached them together, and to the wreath with a few drops of hot glue.

I knew I needed something on top of the leaves, so I grabbed a piece of scrap wood from the garage and some black and white paint I have on hand.  Using the 5th Grade Cursive font (which is the same font as my logo, by the way!), I opened up a word doc and typed up the word 'welcome'.  Then, I placed a sheet of paper on the screen and traced the letters.

I used the same technique for this sign as I did for the first vintage-style sign I did for our wedding. I used a small paintbrush and painted the white letters first, and then painted around the letters with the black paint.  This.Sign.Is.Not.Perfect. And I love it!
I also knew that I would have to figure out how to attach this sign to the wreath and grabbed some cup hooks from the garage and screwed them into the back.  
With a vine wreath like this, I was able to slip the cup hooks onto pieces of vine.
This only took about 30 minutes, and voila!
I think it really ties everything together on the fall porch and looks great on our red door!

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