Thursday, October 18, 2012

diy dry erase calendar

This is by no means an original project, as it seems everyone in the blogosphere has made one of these for their home.  But it's a great idea and I thought I would make my own.  This project is very simple, and was even easier for me because I happened to already have the materials in the house.

We actually already had this collage frame from when we decorated our apartment in Austin a few years ago.  However, you can still get this exact frame at Walmart for about $12.
I used some lightly colored, patterned scrapbook paper and letters that I had up in the craft closet.  I chose a light color so that reading the notes would be easy, not distracting from a busy, bright print.  

I also chose to use the same paper in each frame to give it a uniform look that was not too busy.  For some reason, it's showing up much more beige in this picture, but it's much more of a light green like you'll see in the following pictures.
I had some letters on hand from the One Spot at Target that worked really well for my day names.
This project took me less than a half hour, and I think it is not only really cute, but it will be really useful.
I placed it right next to the door out to our garage.  This way, every morning Matthew goes to work, and every time we leave the house, we can see what's on our calendar for the week.
It works pretty well to keep track of the details of our busy life!
Gotta love some mid-week DIY!

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