Thursday, October 4, 2012

alisa's mudroom nook

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am a high school coach at our church, and not only do I get to spend time with some awesome students, but also with some other awesome coaches!  One of those awesome people is my dear friend, Alisa.  She is such a sweetheart, and always tells everyone to read my blog, which I am so appreciative of!

We were at her and her husband's (who is also a coach, but she was the one who talked to me about this project sooo...Todd you're awesome, too!) house and she pulled me over to her little mudroom nook and asked some advice about how to organize it. 
She told me that she has been trying to figure out how to organize this area for over 3 years, and couldn't figure out how to make it work for her family. What a great space to have!

Alisa's Mudroom Nook Goals
1. Have a place where everyone can hang their coats - there are 4 in their family and the three hooks were not cutting it.
2. Get rid of the plastic bins - she likes the functionality of having bins, but not the fact that these bins take up bench space, and that they are ugly plastic bins. :)
3. She has a big bag that she takes to youth group and she needed either a place to keep that, or keep it in the big beautiful basket she has below the bench. 
4. A place for shoes.
5. Keep the cute board she made and keeps notes/inspiration on.
6. Keep the whiteboard calendar.

So, I got to working that evening and put together this plan for her.
To start, I advised that they take out the hooks that are already on the shelving unit, and add a bar with baskets, similar to this, but I wanted them to be able to easily take the baskets down (unlike these, which are zip-tied on the bar). This would eliminate those plastic bins.
Then, I recommended that she add a row of 4 double hooks below the baskets for each person to hang their coat, backpack, purse, briefcase or whatever.

Under the bench, there is room for either a shoe tray or basket next to the basket I already love that works for her big bag and any other items that she needs to take (ie. items to donate, return, etc).

For the other items, I suggested that she move the clock above the shelf so it is more easily seen, move the cute board above the calendar on the left wall, and possibly add a key rack, like this one, on the right wall. (We're still working on this part of it!)
I sent Alisa this plan, and I was so happy because she loved it!  She sent me this picture the other day from Target.

And then, this picture today:
It is so neat to see this all come together from the picture mock up I sent her. Here's a little before and after.

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