Monday, October 22, 2012

a gallery wall on a budget

Gallery walls are great, aren't they?  If you take any time to peruse the Home Decor boards on Pinterest, you have surely seen many gallery walls.  And they, along with an awesome gallery wall my parents have at their house, have inspired me.  
 I love all of these, but the last one has to be my favorite.  We were originally going to do this up our stairs, but since our banister is a closed off wall, we would only be able to appreciate it when we were walking up and down the stairs.  So, we decided to add some interest in our hall on the main level.
This hall goes from the dining room, and leads to the basement door, garage door, laundry room, half bath, and finally the kitchen.  It is basically a hall of doors, and has been quite plain and boring for months now and definitely needed something.

One of the downsides to a gallery wall is the cost.  Especially if you are going for a look that requires very similar, or matching frames.  That means you will probably have to buy them new, which equals $$$.  But, since both the hubby and I loved the mismatched/vintage look, buying old frames was the answer.  However, if you do prefer a similar look, you could paint all of these the same color, like black, and put matching white matting in all of them.

For the past few months, I have been hoarding collecting old $1 frames from the ReStore, and finally had a place to put them. I started by measuring my wall space, and making a masking tape diagram of the wall, including the light switches and doorbell box. Then, I started moving the frames around until I found the look I wanted.
Once we had them about how we wanted them, I started hanging them up!
You'll also notice the really bright and really ugly square mirror on this wall.  I picked this up at the ReStore as well for $2 and gave it a quick makeover with bronze spray paint we had in the basement.
I moved a few things around, and here's where we are at for now. You'll notice that I'm missing some pictures that I forgot to print, and that I probably need to add more frames.
 We have mostly family pictures displayed, and will continue to add more, and switch out the pictures as we receive/take more updated ones.
Doesn't the mirror look so much better?  And you can see the newly re-tiled fireplace from here in it. :)
And here is the view from the basement stairs.
My hope is that this wall will look even better when we paint the hall and trim.

So how much has this gallery wall cost so far?

Well, we're at $8 in {new} old frames, I already had one frame and the "Live Laugh Love" sign, $2 for the mirror, $9 for some white matting, and $12 to print pictures.  That makes a total of $23 so far, which is very affordable, considering it completely changes this hallway, and the sentimental value is priceless.


  1. It looks beautiful! It's like a big "welcome to our family" smack in the face when you come in through the basement (a totally positive smack in the face!). The mix-matched frames look nice and homey too, instead of like a stuffy gallery. (I got to your blog after reading about your wedding on Mountainside Wedding, which was beautiful!)

  2. I love the gallery wall! The mix-matched frames make it look homey, instead of stuffy like black frames can do. And it's such a great "Welcome to Our Family" smack in the face when you come in from the basement (a totally positive smack in the face!). Really fantastic. (I found your blog while reading about your wedding on Mountainside Bride, which was beautiful!)


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