Monday, October 29, 2012

2 months ago...

...my baby cousin, Isaac William was born.  He was born about a month early, but was, and still is a very healthy little baby boy.  The story goes like this...

My aunt and uncle had been living in the Denver area, and my uncle just got a new job in Durango, so they were set to move on September 1st.  My grandparents had plans to come out and help them with the drive, and get them all set up in their new home.  From there, they would set up the nursery and buy everything else they needed for their little baby boy to arrive, with a due date of September 27th.

Well, this little cousin of mine had another plan, and came very quickly on the morning of August 29th.  We were all quite surprised when we got the call that he had made his arrival and needless to say, absolutely overjoyed!  We got to visit my aunt and uncle, and their first child the next day in the hospital...
 My parents meeting their 3rd nephew.
 Such a cutie pie.
This was the first time my brother had ever held a baby (or at least remembers doing so).
 Matt even got in on the action.  P.S. Look at my family in the reflection...what is my Mom doing??
And here's my uncle, me and baby Isaac.
After looking through these pictures, I realized I'm the worst niece ever, and did not take a single picture of my aunt at the hospital. :(

So at this point, it's Thursday night. 
They're moving to Durango on Saturday. 
They have a newborn, and... 
their house isn't 100% packed to move.  

The next few days were crazy! Matt and me, my parents, my grandparents, and my aunt's mom all got to work on packing the house, packing the moving truck, and then cleaning their house on Friday night, while they were still in the hospital.  It was so neat to see everyone coming together to help them out, and really showed me what family is supposed to be.  It made me proud.

They came home from the hospital on Friday evening, and I snapped this quick family picture and then got back to packing.  I was amazed at these two, because given the situation, they were so calm, and happy and just the exact opposite of how I think most people would handle a surprise like this.
 On Saturday morning, we headed back down to help them finish up, got to get some family pictures, and had lunch with them before they hit the road that afternoon.
Isn't that a beautiful little family? It brings tears to my eyes just looking at this picture.

The best part about going back down there everyday for three days was that we got to spend so much time looking at, loving on, and holding this little man.
Excuse my fries and nuggets...
Yay! It was so much fun, and I was so happy that we got to meet him before they moved.  The neatest thing to me is that my aunt and uncle get to spend a whole month longer with this guy than most people do! How cool is that?!

Remember how we threw them a baby shower a few months ago and we gave him a cute little set that had a jacket with buttons, that had a giraffe driving a truck on it? 
What?! You don't remember that very specific detail?! 
Well here's a refresher:
When Isaac was born so early, he couldn't fit into most of the things we bought him, but my aunt sent me a picture last week of the little guy in this outfit. 
She said he looked mighty dapper, and I couldn't agree more.  He's such a blessing, and I'm so excited to have a 7th first cousin!!

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  1. Erin -- you are the best niece ever! Great post!!!


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