September 18, 2012

tips to spray paint hardware

Last week when we finished updating the upstairs hallway, we also removed and painted all the doorknobs and other hardware that goes along with the doors.

To start this process, remove the little white doodles (yes, I said doodles) from the door stoppers, and give all of these pieces a quick sanding to buff up the glossy layer.

Then, either go outside, with your pieces in a box so they don't get a bunch of dust and other particles stuck to them while they're drying, or in the basement or garage.  I typically spray paint in the garage on a piece of cardboard.

All of these pieces are pretty easy to spray except the side of the doorknob with the long bar on it (not sure what that's called).  You can't lay them down to spray, because then they will dry all funny, and turn out terribly. To fix this situation, I used the top of a paper box.
Just stick the bar part of the knobs into this box and you can spray the tops while they are upright.

Perfect, right?  I'm just wondering why I didn't think of this sooner! 

Quick tip about spray painting hardware: do 2-3 light coats instead of 1-2 heavy coats.  Make sure to paint them with the mist instead of straight on.  Following these two tips will help you to avoid running paint, and dried globs.

I always leave hardware like this to dry for at least 24 hours before bringing them back inside.

You may be curious about the fact that there are no door hinges in these pictures, and I have a very simple explanation for that: I'm lazy.  I really didn't feel like taking all the doors off (8 doors, and 24 hinges total, including the hardware I FINALLY finished in our room.)

I actually painted those by hand with spray paint and a small paint brush .  You may recall that I did this in my office, and it's very simple.
You simply hold your can upside down, and slowly spray paint into a glass container.  This will result in a pool of paint in the container that you can paint with.  I just painted two coats onto each set of hinges and it looks great! 

I also have another tip for spray painting the screws. 

To avoid getting the threads full of paint, just take a standard sheet of paper, fold it into quarters, tape and then insert the screws into it.  This will allow you to spray just the heads without making a mess.

I hope these tips help! Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. How did the paint stand up to the test of time?

    1. They're all doing great! I'm so glad I painted them instead of buying new ones!

  2. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Great tip thanks

  3. Hey there Erin! Thank you for sharing this spraying tips in doorknobs. We usually take out the old ones and buy new especially when gold plate is starting to be tainted. Glad found this post and give me idea what to do next time with our doorknob.

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