Tuesday, September 11, 2012

our {almost} painted living room

I wish that I could tell you our living room is 100% finished when it comes to painting, but I can't. Sad. Day.  But, we're at about 95% complete, and while I wait until I buy more paint to finish touching up, I can share where we are at right now. This is real life, right?  Most of us have lived in houses that are in the middle of construction/decorating and it's all just a part of the process.

So remember where we started?
Honestly, we were fearful that it would be a long time until we would be able to paint this room.  The ceilings are all super tall, with the highest ceiling measuring at 18'.  We have friends that have a similar vaulted living room who told us that it was about $600 to get their's painted, and that did not make our living room situation look promising.  

Finally, we got a bit of courage to attempt the job ourselves, since I was not about ready to spend that kinda of moolah on painting a room, so we borrowed my folk's extension ladder, bought an extension pole for $5 and a $5 edger.  

We knew we wanted to keep the room relatively neutral and decided to go with a light grey.  It seems that grey is the new beige, after all.  And, we definitely had to get rid of the honey oak trim and mantel.  After bringing about 15 paint chips home and holding each one up around the room about a million times, we picked out Behr's Silver Sateen from Home Depot.

We removed all the trim and painted that a crisp white, and then began a long journey of painting.  It would have been much shorter, but we've been super busy with guests and lots of life going on that has kept us from finishing this room.  
How great is he?  He did all the really high spots so that I didn't have to get on the big, shaky, scary ladder.  We had a great system going, too: I would load the roller and hand it to him on the ladder, he would paint until it was empty and then hand back down to me.  It was so much easier than him going up and down the ladder a million times.  

Our VIP for this room was definitely this edger that we picked up from Home Depot.
Home Depot
We had gotten a lot of negative feedback on this little guy, but we thought for $5, we might as well give it a try! And I can tell you, that it is absolutely amazing! You can cut in on ceilings, door frames, etc and it is so easy.  Plus, it has a spot to connect to our extension pole and get those high ceilings.

See this ceiling line?  Matthew did that with this tool, on a 6' ladder with a 5' extension pole, and the line is perfectly crisp. Holla!
So without further ado, here is our {almost} painted living room.
As much as I love the blue chair I reupholstered a few months ago, I don't think it belongs in this room anymore with the color change, and it will be taking a trip to another room as soon as I can find its replacement.
Don't you just love that we still have the extension ladder in the dining room, and a giant piece of trim in the window? #fail
I absolutely love how the fireplace is looking, and we have plans for a continued makeover soon!

We also painted the entry way and up the stairs.  Here's where we started when we moved in
(aka honey oak-town) ...

...and after some paint, and bronze spray paint on door hardware (some of it, that is), here's where we are now:
We're going to stain the front door, banister, and wooden step from the entry to the living room a dark espresso - planning to try out gel stain for the first time! 

The grey is exactly what we wanted and it has made the room feel much more cozy.  We're hoping to finish up the stairs and the upstairs hallway in the next day or so, and I will update then! Have a very happy Tuesday!

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