Friday, September 28, 2012

fall mantel

I mentioned yesterday that I've been working on getting this house all dressed up for fall, and I started with the mantel.  I didn't want to go over the top, and still keep it's general look, but here's where we are at.

The plant and picture frame have been up there for quite awhile, and I grabbed the candle holder from another spot in the house. The mini pumpkins came from Home Depot.

On the other side, I've got a little alarm clock and owl that I picked up from Kohl's over the weekend. I had another $10 promotion card from them, and paired with a 20% off family and friends coupon, I got both for a whopping $8 total! Along with a hat we bought for Matt that was on clearance for $4.80, our receipt said we saved $60.56! Holla!
The bottles I had sitting in the craft closet begging to be used, and I will show you how I made the red bottle very soon!

You also may have noticed that I took down the white frame.  I thought since it's fall that the rustic look of the barn door really adds to the decor.  Plus, Matthew never really understood why I put an empty frame up there in the first place. :)
I'm also thinking of adding a wreath...but we'll see.  Perhaps a simple moss wreath?

You also might be asking why I haven't shown you a full picture of the fireplace, and here is your reason.
Look what I did! Ugh...We have a tile project planned for the fireplace, and I decided one day last week that I would start removing the tile before Matthew came home.  But unfortunately, all it did was rip the drywall off so I tried to patch it, and now we're probably just going to have to replace the drywall.

Blah...oh well, we have been pretty lucky so far with our projects and this will be a relatively simple fix.  But more on that later!

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