Friday, September 28, 2012

diy yarn wrapped bottle

On our fall mantel, I have two wine bottles.  One is just a beautiful green bottle that I did nothing to, but the other I wrapped with a rust-colored yarn to add some texture and color to a clear bottle.
Don't you love when you have an idea in your head and it comes out just the way you hoped it would.  This was one of those moments, and I luh-ove this!

All you need to do this project is an empty bottle, yarn of your choice, and glue.  I used adhesive spray (which is awesome!), but you could also use hot glue.  When we were on our honeymoon, we had family stay at the house and we came back to about half a bottle of wine. Not only was the wine delicious, but it left with me a large empty bottle to use for a future project.  
I found the yarn in my craft closet, and it is actually a gradient yarn that goes from the burnt orange/red color, to a  cobalt blue.  I wasn't crazy about having blue on the bottle, so every time I hit blue, I would cut it and start again where the orange did.
I started at the top, spraying Elmer's craft bond.  WARNING: This stuff is awesome, but it will spray on more things than you think it will.  I would recommend using this outside, or with lots of paper/cardboard down on your table to avoid a giant mess.
Then, I held the yarn in my left hand while spinning the bottle with my right hand.  This was really effective until I got to the main part of the bottle.  
It was more difficult at that point, so I actually took the cap from the Elmer's bottle and put it on the top of the bottle (to keep from getting sticky adhesive all over myself).  Then, I held the bottle up against me while I spun and continued adding the yarn. See the slight gradient in there? Orange > Tan > Red > Brown. 
Awkward picture, right? This was the only way I could really explain what I found to be the easiest process.

 This whole project took me about 15 minutes and I think it looks great.  Plus, I already had everything I needed to do this, so it cost me zero dollars!!

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