Wednesday, September 5, 2012

a little bit of chevron in my life

....a little bit of herringbone by my side. A little bit of ikat's what I need...I apologize for the ridiculousness of that song and my print references, but I just can't get it out of my head!  It's no secret that I love chevron, and besides a little artwork I made for the guest room, there isn't much in this house.  

A few months ago, my mom was at the Restore and picked up a couple of barstools for us.  We had been searching for barstools for awhile, and these were perfect! They are the right height, are super comfy and have great potential to be amazing.  And, at ten bucks a pop, that sealed the deal! Thanks, Mom!

They sat in our kitchen untouched for awhile, and looked like this:
Not bad, right? I mean, the faded floral fabric had to go, but they have really cute lines and are just unique.

Now, let me tell you, I have taken apart and reupholstered quite a few pieces, like the wingback chair and ottoman that currently live in our living room, but these were the worst.  These things were stapled so well and so many times, that I absolutely tore my hands up!  I am all blister central this morning. But here's a quick recap of that process.
These are the staples from just one of the barstools.

Over the weekend, my Mom told me that Hobby Lobby was finally carrying Chevron fabric that would be suitable to reupholster.  So, on Labor day we stopped over there and picked some up.  They have a great selection of chevron, with blue, green, red, yellow, grey, and black.  We decided that the green would be really cute and that it would be even better when we eventually makeover the kitchen.  This fabric is only $9 regular price and I picked up 1.5 yards to do both stools.  Using the 40% online Hobby Lobby coupon, I only paid $8.10 for this material.

I didn't get pictures of the reupholstering process, but I followed the same basic steps that I applied in my other reupholstering projects.  It was neat to see a real live before and after when I finished the first stool.
Bailey never misses out on an opportunity to lay on something comfy.
This project took me about a day to finish, and my hands are paying for it! But, walking into our kitchen and seeing these beauties is definitely worth it!

 And now, this is what I see when I walk into the house...wonderful!

I just love that these stools are not even close to cookie cutter; they have so much character, and just really feel very found.  The total cost of these came to about $14 per barstool, and most that I've seen in stores are $60-$100+ each.  

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