Wednesday, September 12, 2012

20 minute closet change-up

If you follow me on twitter (@erinacolburn), you may have seen my tweet last night about a DIY project that I not only finished, but actually started within 30 minutes of our dinner guests arriving at our house.  Needless to say, my wonderful husband looked at me a little annoyed funny, but then gracefully helped me complete this project quickly.

Remember how we organized our closet when we first moved in? I added some shelving for flat shoes, molding for heels to hang on, a diy jewelry frame, and we also had one of those metal over-the-door hooks for Matthew's jackets/sweatshirts, and my scarves.  This is what it looked like up until yesterday at about 5:30pm.
Not bad, right?  We just had a few problems with the metal over-the-door hook:

1.) It was just a bit too bulky for behind the door and I didn't love that, and
2.) It was actually rubbing off the white paint on our door frame, and our door was difficult to open in general with it hanging on there.

A few months ago, the ReStore was having a 50% off sale on everything because their store was bursting at the seams with so many donations.  I picked up this set of hooks for $1 and it sat in our garage for a few months until inspiration hit me to remedy our closet issues.  I spray painted this white, and there it sat all painted, and ready to go for about 2 months. Ha!
First up was to make room for our new hooks, which meant moving the jewelry frame elsewhere.

I recently started to purge some of the extra things in my closet that I never wear to get some money back from selling them, and donate the rest, so I had a little bit too much room for shoes (I'm fairly certain I'm the only woman in the nation to utter those words). 

I was able to remove the last row of molding, and move the jewelry frame over (of course I put this molding up before we painted the closet originally, because I'm just that silly).

I ran downstairs to grab the leftover beige paint and touched this right up while my Matt got the hooks up.  He used drywall screws to ensure it would hold up the weight of not only the hooks,
but the jackets and all that. 
He's so great! And I still LOVE seeing that ring on his finger!!

In a matter of 20 minutes, our closet was looking so much better!

It feels so good in our closet now, with so much extra room.  We also plan to add a custom, DIY full-length mirror to the back of our door, which of course I will keep you updated on!
Anyone else purging/re-organizing their closets right now to get ready for winter?  Have you ever finished a DIY project within minutes of guests arriving? Have a great day!

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