Tuesday, August 14, 2012

weekend update

I know I'm a day late, and no, I'm not going to make funny jokes like Seth Meyers does, but...here's the update anyway.

Our weekend was fantastic! I started out the weekend by waking up early on Saturday and going to my church's yard sale with my Mom.  It was huge! And I got some great stuff!  Then, Matthew and I went on a day date that afternoon with a wonderful seafood lunch at Red Lobster. We don't go out for "big" meals like that much, so we spent over an hour enjoying our food and just talking. It was great. :)

We did have to make a quick pit stop after lunch to Kohl's.  We're going to a wedding next weekend, so Matthew needed to pick up a shirt, and I HAD to pick up these Lauren Conrad earrings.
LC Lauren Conrad Silver Tone Simulated Crystal Camera Button Stud Earrings
Aren't they awesome!?! Kohl's keeps sending me $10 promotional cards on a purchase of $10 or more, so I actually got these earrings for free! And, I got another one of those cards when we checked out! Love it!

While we were in Kohl's, my Mom called to tell me that they had found a puppy from Every Creature Counts at Petsmart (where we got Roxy), which happens to be right next door.  So, we went over there and met their puppy and all went back to their house.  Meet Beckett:
Meet the new member of our family - Beckett.
Cute, right?  He's a sweetie, and I'm excited for puppy play dates with Bailey and Roxy soon!

So that was Saturday; Sunday was a bit more main stream.  We went to church, cleaned a bit, did some grocery shopping and watched a few shows.

P.S. Are you wondering why I waited until today to share our weekend update with you?  Well...we also went to Home Depot on Sunday to pick up a paint sample, which occupied my free time yesterday...
Whaaaaaat? Update Soon!

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