Wednesday, August 22, 2012

recover accidentally deleted photos (and any other files)

Yesterday, as I was writing this post, I was also transferring photos from my camera to the computer.  I typically have quite a few topics of photos on the camera at once, so my routine is to select the first photos in  the folder, transfer to the appropriate folder, and then go back to the camera folder and delete those photos. 

Somehow, when I was doing this, I accidentally deleted this picture.

So after some crying and anger ensued, I googled "accidentally deleted pictures from camera", and did a little research into this issue.

I came across a free download of  Pandora Recovery.  The download just took a few minutes, and looks like this when you open it.

I accidentally deleted files from our Sony Camera, so I clicked on that folder, and it shows where the accidentally deleted file could be.

I opened the DCIM folder, and look at how many pictures were in there!

All the way back to Sep 2010! I scrolled almost all the way to the bottom, and look what I found!

Right click on the file, select Recover To...

Select the folder that you want your file to be recovered to, and Recover Now!

Victory!!! I was so relieved, and really impressed at how easy this product is to use.  I just installed this yesterday, and I haven't had any issues with bugs or viruses or anything...good so far.  I'm not being paid to tell you about this, just sharing my harrowing tale of the almost lost picture!

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