Tuesday, August 21, 2012

quick dress re-design + a wedding

We had another whirlwind weekend!  On Saturday, we threw a surprise baby shower for my Aunt and Uncle (more on that later), and then on Sunday, we attended the wedding of our friends, Ian and Katie.

For the wedding, I wanted to get a new dress, but not spend too much.  So I popped into Dillards last weekend, and here's what I found:
This Antonio Melani dress (and belt!) was marked down to $55.65 from $159.00 originally! Then, my husband graciously let me use the $33 and change that was left on a Dillards gift card we got for the wedding, so this beauty was only about $26 out of pocket! Woot!

I was super excited about the dress, but the sleeves were throwing me off a bit.  They're fluttery, and a little on the large side, and all a dress like this does is make me look younger.  Which, I know one day I will be thankful, but often times people assume I'm around the 12-16 year old range, which is not my favorite thing in the world.  I am a married woman, people!

So, I took the risk, and used some knock off Stick Witchery and ironed those sleeves in on themselves.  After doing this, I felt confident and cut the extra sleeve length off.  And Whew!  It worked! I am so happy with the result!  The sleeveless look is much more sophisticated and was also cooler for the outdoor, afternoon, August ceremony.  Here we are:
I am loving this picture (Mostly because my husband is so stinkin' handsome)! And Loving my dress! Plus, I will be able to add a cardigan and some tights later in the year when it gets cooler.  I'm thinking possible Christmas Eve Dress...?

Anywho...we drove down to Larkspur for the wedding, and it was beautiful.
Our friends, Kris and Michelle.
Katie made these out of coffee filters! Aren't they gorgeous!?
The DiMarzios and the Deplers! 
Ian and his Mom walking out to the ceremony.  

Before they started walking over, I leaned over to Matthew and said "Look at him, and think about how you felt in that moment just a few months ago."  He just smiled.  I was pretty much water works the whole time, not only because we were there to celebrate our good friend's marriage, but because I knew just how they were feeling in those moments, having just gone through it myself. 
After the ceremony, there was a great cocktail hour, and then the reception began.
Beautiful Centerpiece
My beautiful friend.  
A bit blurry, but the Waymans and the Stewarts.  I love their faces! :)

It was an amazing night, there was delicious food, wine a'plenty and dancing, dancing, dancing.  We are so happy for them, and wish them a lifetime full of happiness and love.  Congratulations, you two!!

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