August 29, 2012

parade of homes - house #3

Feeling inspired yet?  Next stop was a beautiful model home in Thornton. First off,
I need to mention that the  front doors in all of these houses were huge!
They were probably two feet taller than the standard front door.
The front entry was really nice, it was really simple, and I loved the tile work.
Right inside the door was an amazing home office.  Herringbone and chevron in the same room is the best!
 We're looking to do a chair rail and picture frame moulding in our dining room, but we will definitely do all white below the chair rail.  I'm not a huge fan of the tan paint left outside of the frames in this room.
 This kitchen was incredible.  The cabinets were a beautiful espresso, and spanned the entire kitchen/eating area.  

 Another great way to do stripes, and I like the use of mismatched nightstands.

I also really liked the pop of color on this dresser.  You could achieve this very easily on a thrifted piece.

The master bedroom was very inviting.  And, I've been thinking about what an area rug on top of carpet would look like, and here is a great example.  It didn't look silly at all, but I think the key is to have a pretty low pile rug.

The dream...Matthew says we can try to achieve this look in our bathroom. I married a great guy :)

View from the balcony upstairs.  Great rug.

Ay-yai-yai! That kitchen is so amazing!
 Did you love?  I know I did!  Tomorrow I will share the last home with you, and it is priced at $925,000 before the upgrades.  And let me tell you, prepare yourself.  It's absolutely incredible.

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