August 28, 2012

parade of homes - house #2

Our second stop was also in Brighton.  As soon as we walked into this house, I knew this is why I was taking my day to drive around and look at model homes.  The design is fantastic, and this whole house was everything I have dreamed of. 

This accent wall in the dining room was so cool.  Not only was it stenciled, but if you look closely, you can see that there are actually studs in the design as well. It had a big impact, but was tasteful and classy.
The office was definintely designed with a man in mind, but it was fabulous.  The picture frame moulding adds so much, and the shelves were staged perfectly.
 All of the curtains in this house were awesome, and I really wish I knew who designed
this model so I could get a source list!
Place settings in catalogs and models always make me laugh.  I think this is really beautiful, but really, who actually has a bird and plant on each plate in the eat-in kitchen?
I used to think it mattered what the titles are of the books you use to stage a home, but it doesn't appear that is so.  This cute little arrangement was perfect on a table in front of a TV on the wall.  It doesn't block the television, but dresses it up quite nicely.
The third bedroom had this really neat map on the wall, with pictures of the "person's" travels and mementos from the trips.  It was really very cool.


 Another great upstairs laundry room.  This one was even better because that door on the other side is the master closet. Genius!

Great frame art in the laundry room, too!

 The window treatments were all really great in this house as well.  However, I'm not quite sure that I love how clear this window is right next to the tub, especially because I'm fairly sure those cars on the road could see me taking this picture!

This master bedroom was pretty close to the perfect master bedroom.  It had a wonderful, cozy linen feel.  Not the I-can't-do-anything-because-I-might-mess-it-up-or-spill-something-feel, but the warm and comfy, lived-in feel that we all want in our oasis.

More fabulous curtains; the bottom section was vertical stripes.  I could make these, right?

Very bright girl's room.

The bonus space was a family TV room.  I never thought to put a quote or lyrics on the wall like that.  Very neat for a casual space.


One of my favorite things about this house was the layout and all the railings upstairs.  It was great to have it open to the living room, and the master bedroom was on one side of the upstairs, and the kid's rooms and bonus space were on the other.  They felt separated enough, but still altogether at the same time.
How great is that house?  I have two more fantastic houses to share tomorrow and Thursday, so stay tuned...

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