Monday, August 27, 2012

parade of homes - house #1

My mom and I went to the Denver Parade of Homes recently, and it was fantastic! It was also super exhausting, and we only made 5 stops - haha I need to get out more.  Some of the houses were misses, with really typical model home decor, but others had absolutely gorgeous modern design that gave me a million great ideas.
The foyer had this great little table, and I just love these moss balls in different sizes.

This was taken in the powder room in this house.  It was really more of a lesson for me.  Our walls are textured like this, and if I ever want to do board and batten, I will need to get 1/8 inch mdf for the bottom half, to cover the textured wall, so it doesn't look silly (and cheap!) like this.  Not sure why they did this...

This rug and drapes in the dining room were great.  

 These stripes in this little kid room went all the way up one wall, across the ceilling, and down the other wall.  How cute is that?!

Every single one of these model homes had the laundry room upstairs, on the same floor as all of the bedrooms.  Makes a lot of sense, and I wish we had this.

Great cabinet in the master bathroom to store toilet paper.

The master bedroom was a light blue/seafoam green color, similar to our master bath.  They chose to do the crown molding in a olive-y/brown color. It looked really great! 

 There was a gallery wall in the master bedroom that gave me a great DIY inspiration.  How easy would these frames be to make? I sense a future project coming...

Check out the other houses that we toured:

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