Friday, August 3, 2012

one last makeover

Remember this dresser we picked up and made over a few months ago?
We absolutely love it, but our TV, cable box, and dvd player have all been on the top looking crowded.  Not to mention, the television not being centered on the dresser just about makes me crazy. We needed another quick transformation to finish this piece off and make it fully functional.

We took the top drawer out, and picked up a piece of 1/8 inch mdf from Home Depot, where the friendly staff cut it to the exact dimensions for us. I put a quick coat of paint on that piece. Have you noticed that all of my coats of paint are quick?  I get a little impatient and want to get projects done asap.
While that piece was waiting for a second quick coat, Matthew brought the dresser downstairs for me.  I'm not going to lie, but when I "finished" the dresser before, I forgot to paint the underside and it's been looking like this ever since.  Now that I had other things to do on the dresser, this was the perfect time to fix that as well.
I didn't snap a picture, but I promise, this is fully painted now.  Next, I had to paint the inside of the dresser where drawer number 1 used to be.  The top of the dresser was currently on the floor since the bottom was still drying.
Add the piece of mdf...
I didn't feel it was necessary to paint the rest of the inside, because we rarely use this dresser and I didn't feel like wasting paint. :)

I added a couple coats of poly, and then let it dry for a few hours.  Since this is going to be used as a dresser/media center in our room, we cut a hole in the back and slipped all our cords through it.
After all was said and done, the transformation is great and looks so much better.  Our TV could use an upgrade, but that is going to be awhile.
Not bad, right?  That is probably the last time we will makeover this dresser for awhile, but never say never.

By the way, did you notice the green vase in the bottom right corner of the picture above?  We picked up this vase in the as-is section at Ikea a few weeks ago for only $5.  We had no clue why it was so cheap because there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with it.  It's 2 feet tall, and was originally this ugly tan color.
So it's not that ugly, but we knew we wanted to put this in our room and the color was just too close to the wall color.  I looked online and found the black version of this for $30! Gotta love a $25 discount.

I had some leftover spray paint from the console table and it looks so great now!
It adds some color to the room, and ties in with a diy art piece that I'm working on as well.  I will probably share that on Monday!  Have a great weekend!!

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