Thursday, August 9, 2012

my {new} old window

After a super long time of searching for an old window, I finally found one at the flea market in town!  It was only $18.50 and it's fabulous!
It fits perfectly with the console table I refurbished a few months ago.  Although, I have decided that we need different drawer pulls on this piece...more on that later.
The white on white is a bit much right now, but we have plans to paint the kitchen in the future, so it will all work out in the wash.
P.S. Did you notice the top left piece of glass is missing? I didn't notice that until we got home. Oh well! 

I'm trying to decide if I want to keep the window like this, or turn it into some type of "command center", or a picture frame...we'll see what the future holds and I'll update you if we make any changes.


  1. It would be fun to paint the back of the glass it so you can write to do lists, grocery lists, or just something you want to remember. You could hang it and where the missing glass is take and put a small hook for a old fashioned key or small plate?

  2. That console table is adorable! Who would have thought that old windows could be used for a console table? You make it work well with the green table. Maybe you can add some lace designs at the side to make it lovelier. Here’s to recycling!


  3. Thank you! Love to recycle old things and make them beautiful again!

  4. I suggest you do some glass etching on that window. It will definitely look more appealing. Well, a picture frame is a good idea too! Anyway, it’s been almost two months, have there been any changes on that old window since then?

  5. Nope, nothing yet! Still deciding what works best for us!

  6. I'm kind of late in the discussion, but I'm curious to know what have you decided to do with this thing? It looks fine just sitting in that console table. There are more practical uses for that table than just carrying an old window. Why did you buy it anyway? John @ Nehemiah.com


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