Thursday, August 23, 2012

diy bunting

Three posts today?!? What! What!  I was going to wait until tomorrow, but my sister-in-law is thinking of making bunting for my niece's first birthday party, so I had to get this up stat!

I posted pictures earlier of the bunting I made for my aunt and uncle's surprise baby shower. I love how it turned out, and it was super easy!

Want to make it yourself?  It was very easy and inexpensive, too!

First step is to go out and buy coordinating fabrics in the cheapest quilters cotton you can find. I used about 1/4 yard each on this bunting that is about 7' long.  You should also pick up plain fabric to hold your pennants together.  I had leftover white from another project, but I would recommend picking up maybe an 1/8 of a yard just to be safe.

I actually bought mine at Walmart, because I didn't want to drive all the way to the actual fabric store.  Plus, it's just cheap cotton for bunting, so who cares?  I picked up these two prints:
Cute, right?  I like that they're boyish, but not typical pastel blue with rattles.  But, if that's your style, that's totally cool.  It's just not mine.  And, I think it's funny that the print on the right looks a bit like olives. Ha!

First things first: Press your fabric! This will make cutting your triangles easier. 
Then, take some cardstock, or any paper really, and cut a triangle.  It doesn't really matter how big or small this is, it just depends on what size you want the pennants to be.  Mine were about 6-8 inches, I would say.

Then, fold your fabric in half and trace your triangles onto the back of your fabric.  Pin in the center of each triangle so when you cut both pieces of fabric, they will stay together.
P.S. Check out my new pins! I love the colors!  Everyone gets this excited about new pins, right?

With each triangle pinned, cut out all of your triangles.  You will end up with a stack like this.  I made waaay too many.

Grab your sewing machine with some coordinating thread and sew those triangles leaving the short side open.  This does not have to be perfect! This is a whimsical decoration, so if some of your triangles are a little lopsided, it will only add character!

Trim off your edges and flip inside out.  Grab your cardstock triangle and place inside of pennant. Then, with the carstock still inside, press.  This will give each pennant a great, flat shape!

Like I said before, I made way too many pennants and have a bunch leftover that I didn't use for this piece on the mantle. 

For the white piece that holds the pennants together, I just used some scrap white fabric I had lying around.  I cut (2) 2" wide by 3.5' pieces.  I folded each piece in half (long ways...remember when that was "like a hotdog" in school?) and pressed.  Then, unfold and fold each edge into the center fold, and press.  This will create a nice pocket for each pennant to go into.

Once I had both of my top pieces pressed, I inserted each pennant into the fold and pinned.  They are each about 3" apart.

I could have just stitched these together on the edge, but decided to use Stitch Witchery instead to avoid having visible stitching.
Easy Peasy! After you do all the pieces, you have beautiful bunting!

I only spent $3 on fabric, and I already had the Stitch Witchery, so it was Cheap Cheap Cheap!  I may need to incorporate bunting into lots of events, or design in the future! My aunt and uncle actually took it with them, and it may make an appearance in the nursery! I will post pictures if they do this!

Feel free to comment/email me if you have any questions! Have a wonderful day!


  1. I would totally get just as excited about those pins. They're so festive! I need a sewing machine now...

  2. Since I only sew a bit, I just bought the one that was $60 at Target on black friday last year. It's definitely not pro, but it does the little jobs that I need it for!


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