Monday, August 27, 2012

clearance lookout: outdoor pillows at home depot

We had an amazing weekend!  Matthew led worship at church; which was spectacular.  He has such a gift for music and it's amazing to see him lead our congregation in worship.  Our church just moved to a new location, and we've had a great team of staff and volunteers that have really made this new space come together quickly!  A big thanks to everyone who has made this move possible!

When I had a quick minute during this crazy weekend, I popped into Home Depot to pick up some paint and found outdoor pillows on clearance for $4!  I have been eyeing these pillows since spring, but didn't really want to spend $14 each on them, so I patiently waited it out, and have added some much-needed color and pattern to the porch.
The best thing about these pillows is that they are a beautiful red/orange/plum color scheme, so that will carryover into fall.  I probably would have opted for something a bit brighter earlier in the year, but these are perfect for fall.  I also want to add a little table between these chairs so I can put some type of plant of decoration on it.

Speaking of the front porch, it really needs some attention.
I love our cute house, and little front porch, but it is so boring right now!  We were lucky enough to buy a house that already had hooks for hanging flower pots, but did I utilize these at all this year? That's a big no.  

It's just plain out here right now.  I'm going to give it some love with fall, and then winter/Christmas decor for sure, so keep a lookout for that.

So are these pillows on clearance at your Home Depot?  If so, this is a great deal and is such a simple way to dress up, and add character to your outdoor furniture.

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