Thursday, August 2, 2012

bedroom makeover: ceiling fan

During the summer, it gets hot in our house, especially upstairs in our room, so we had two choices.  Either 1.) keep the air conditioner on all day to keep it cool upstairs, or 2.) install a ceiling fan.  And since option one would cost us close to $200/month, we decided to install a fan.  

This is what our dinky little light fixture looked like before.
Talk about a lack of proportions, right?  So, we picked up a simple ceiling fan from the Depot, and started on our install.  First step was to remove the current fixture, and make sure that the box in the ceiling is made to hold light fixtures and fans.  I had no clue that you had to have a special box for a ceiling fan, but luckily my hubby knew, and checked, and we were good to go with the current box.

Following the instructions, we put together the pieces and got it all set up.  Matthew did the electrical bits while I put together the blades and and all that good stuff.  Unfortunately, one of the first pieces I put on was on upside down...my bad...so we had to take the whole thing down and do it again.  But, I felt bad and so Matthew talked me through the wiring and I put it back up.  Silver lining: I got to learn how to install a light fixture!  

After that setback, we were golden.  We popped in some light bulbs (which we don't actually really use) and turned that baby on.  I can't even explain to you what a difference it makes.  Our room is a million times cooler and we can actually get some sleep at night without paying a ridiculous electric bill every month.  
Plus, the fan really fills the space so much better than the old fixture.  I will show you a better picture of this in a day or so, but since this is the first post of our bedroom makeover, we have a bunch of things to share that I don't want to reveal quite yet!  

But, did you notice that we moved the bed in the top picture? A little sneak peak of what's to come...

Update: Check out how are bedroom turned out here!

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