Thursday, August 30, 2012

parade of homes - house #4

Get ready for the adjectives, people.  This last house was absolutely spectacular.
It was priced at $925,000 before the upgrades, and we were in awe.

When you walked in the front door, there was a sitting room to the right with a beautiful fireplace and tray ceilings.

Right behind the sitting room was a beautiful dining room.  This room had huge
windows looking out into the backyard.

From the dining room, you walk into the amazing kitchen.  Loving the vertical subway tile and the espresso cabinets. Dreaming...

Here's something I'm actually trying to talk Matthew into.  I love dark espresso cabinets with a white island...you may be seeing a version of this in our house tour soon.

The next room was absolutely breathtaking.  I have never seen a more beautiful room.  Unfortunately, it was about 6pm, and the light of the setting sun kept me from getting pictures that do this room justice.  Silly point and shoot.
I am talking 24 foot ceilings paired with huge, never-ending windows, paired with 24 foot curtains.  There was a beautiful floor to ceiling stone fireplace; not to mention the beams on this beautiful ceiling.
From the living room, you head upstairs where at the top of the stairs there was this very smart desk/command center.  Can you imagine how great this would be to step away to pay bills, write a blog post, peruse Facebook?
Also at the top of the stairs, was this linen closet.  I would love to have these doors on a linen closet.  I just picture beautiful plush towels and blankets, along with dark woven baskets.
The kid's rooms were adorable, too.  Great green stripes and a bright purple closet.

The other girl's room was pink and brown and would have been the room of my dreams 2 13 years ago.
The boy's room was also really really neat, but again, my point and shoot couldn't fight the terrible lighting.

How easy would this be to achieve with a curtain with large grommets hung upside down and cut off.  And check out this wood treatment on the walls.
Headboard with cargo pockets.  So cool!
Walking from the kid's rooms to the master, we get another shot of the amazing living room.  Not only was the ceiling amazing, but check out the horizontal moulding on the walls.

View from the hallway (with the linen closet to the right, desk/command center behind me) into the master bedroom.  The floors were beautiful.
The master bedroom was nice, but kind of a let down compared to the rest of the house.  It has a fireplace between the sitting area and bedroom, and for some reason, the TV was on top of this...not really sure about that one.
This mirror was about 5 feet wide and 7 feet tall.  See that TV? Strange, huh?

The master bath was exquisite.
Check out the wallpaper.
I failed to snap a picture because of the lighting, but the master closet off the bath had so many different custom hanging bars and shelves and drawers galore; not to mention it was all a beautiful dark wood.

Heading back downstairs, we checked out the home office to the left of the front door...  
...and the most amazing mudroom.  It had the first section right by the garage door, with hooks.  Sorry so blurry! But they had such cool moulding in here, with a light green on the bottom, and dark blue up top.  it was really neat.
The second space was the laundry room.
And on the other side was your sink and extra fridge.  So Smart!
Right outside this room, before the living room, are the stairs to the basement.  Not your typical basement stairway, right? Again, I didn't take a picture of the basement, but I'm not kidding, the basement had 9-10 foot ceilings, and it was HUGE.
And, let's take one more look at the amazing living room...Ahhh.
We had an amazing time touring these houses on the parade of homes, and were super exhausted when we were all done!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

parade of homes - house #3

Feeling inspired yet?  Next stop was a beautiful model home in Thornton. First off,
I need to mention that the  front doors in all of these houses were huge!
They were probably two feet taller than the standard front door.
The front entry was really nice, it was really simple, and I loved the tile work.
Right inside the door was an amazing home office.  Herringbone and chevron in the same room is the best!
 We're looking to do a chair rail and picture frame moulding in our dining room, but we will definitely do all white below the chair rail.  I'm not a huge fan of the tan paint left outside of the frames in this room.
 This kitchen was incredible.  The cabinets were a beautiful espresso, and spanned the entire kitchen/eating area.  

 Another great way to do stripes, and I like the use of mismatched nightstands.

I also really liked the pop of color on this dresser.  You could achieve this very easily on a thrifted piece.

The master bedroom was very inviting.  And, I've been thinking about what an area rug on top of carpet would look like, and here is a great example.  It didn't look silly at all, but I think the key is to have a pretty low pile rug.

The dream...Matthew says we can try to achieve this look in our bathroom. I married a great guy :)

View from the balcony upstairs.  Great rug.

Ay-yai-yai! That kitchen is so amazing!
 Did you love?  I know I did!  Tomorrow I will share the last home with you, and it is priced at $925,000 before the upgrades.  And let me tell you, prepare yourself.  It's absolutely incredible.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

parade of homes - house #2

Our second stop was also in Brighton.  As soon as we walked into this house, I knew this is why I was taking my day to drive around and look at model homes.  The design is fantastic, and this whole house was everything I have dreamed of. 

This accent wall in the dining room was so cool.  Not only was it stenciled, but if you look closely, you can see that there are actually studs in the design as well. It had a big impact, but was tasteful and classy.
The office was definintely designed with a man in mind, but it was fabulous.  The picture frame moulding adds so much, and the shelves were staged perfectly.
 All of the curtains in this house were awesome, and I really wish I knew who designed
this model so I could get a source list!
Place settings in catalogs and models always make me laugh.  I think this is really beautiful, but really, who actually has a bird and plant on each plate in the eat-in kitchen?
I used to think it mattered what the titles are of the books you use to stage a home, but it doesn't appear that is so.  This cute little arrangement was perfect on a table in front of a TV on the wall.  It doesn't block the television, but dresses it up quite nicely.
The third bedroom had this really neat map on the wall, with pictures of the "person's" travels and mementos from the trips.  It was really very cool.


 Another great upstairs laundry room.  This one was even better because that door on the other side is the master closet. Genius!

Great frame art in the laundry room, too!

 The window treatments were all really great in this house as well.  However, I'm not quite sure that I love how clear this window is right next to the tub, especially because I'm fairly sure those cars on the road could see me taking this picture!

This master bedroom was pretty close to the perfect master bedroom.  It had a wonderful, cozy linen feel.  Not the I-can't-do-anything-because-I-might-mess-it-up-or-spill-something-feel, but the warm and comfy, lived-in feel that we all want in our oasis.

More fabulous curtains; the bottom section was vertical stripes.  I could make these, right?

Very bright girl's room.

The bonus space was a family TV room.  I never thought to put a quote or lyrics on the wall like that.  Very neat for a casual space.


One of my favorite things about this house was the layout and all the railings upstairs.  It was great to have it open to the living room, and the master bedroom was on one side of the upstairs, and the kid's rooms and bonus space were on the other.  They felt separated enough, but still altogether at the same time.
How great is that house?  I have two more fantastic houses to share tomorrow and Thursday, so stay tuned...

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