Thursday, July 12, 2012

wedding pictures - our ceremony

I shared the pre-wedding pictures that Andy Sams took for us a few weeks ago, but here are some of the great shots from our ceremony.
Waiting behind a rock to walk down to my fiance.
Our amazing friends and family.
My Dad giving me away.
We pretty much just stared and smiled at each other for a solid 25 minutes.
Look how cute my parents are! They looked fabulous and I adore this picture!
Our ceremony was at the Sara Smith Outdoor Chapel at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park.  It was so beautiful; everything we had ever dreamed for our mountain wedding.
We have both known our pastor, Drew, since we were teenagers, and it was so wonderful to have him marry us.
First Kiss.
Husband and Wife.
As for our ceremony decorations, we didn't want to add too much since the scenery is so gorgeous, so we lined the ceremony with potted petunias.
They were super easy and inexpensive.  I just bought 6" terracotta pots, and spray painted them white. 
I loved how simple they were, but they brought the beautiful purple in so nicely.  Each petunia plant was $2, pots were $1.67 each, and spray paint was $4.  For 8 pots, that brought our entire ceremony decor cost to about $34!

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