Monday, July 9, 2012

our newest addition

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen that I uploaded this picture yesterday.
We made a trip to Furniture Row! I had never been there before, and we've been on the hunt for a dining room set, and we were successful!

But, before we get to the new, beautiful set, let me remind you of what our dining room looked like before.
This dining set was a wedding gift my parents received almost 24 years ago, and it's been mine since I moved out 5 years ago.  It is a very simple set, and definitely not our style, but we have been so grateful to have it! Now that we have a new set, this set will go to my younger brother when he has his own place.

So, without further ado...
Ooh, Ahh! The set is made from Mango Wood, and the seats are leather, which will be great for quick clean ups.  This dining set is exactly what we've been looking for, and we are super excited!

This new table takes up much more space, so we moved our "sideboard/bar" (aka Ikea Expedit) into the kitchen area where there is more room.
The games won't stay in the kitchen area long-term, but we are still determining where those should be.  I love how this adds so much to the kitchen space!  And, we have extra storage now, too.
Our plan is to put in a chair rail, and possibly picture frame moulding to add architecture to the space, without taking up a lot of room.  This room is still in transition, but I am thrilled about the new dining set.  

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