Tuesday, July 17, 2012

diy wedding picture board

Awhile ago (43 weeks ago, according to the pin), I pinned this picture on
Pinterest on my Wedding Ideas Board.
Style Me Pretty
I instantly fell in love with this look, and decided I would do something very similar for our Guest Book Table.  So I went over to the ReStore and picked up this frame for $5! Love that place!
First step was to paint the frame white, so I pulled out the picture and glass and put a few coats of leftover paint from trim projects throughout the house. Next, I hot glued some leftover linen-y/burlap-y fabric from my Anniversary pillows and popped it back into the frame.

Then, I put this on our Guest Book table with pictures of us through our relationship and instructions for the guest book. (I made the "guest book" sign too!)
This project came to a whopping $6.19 after printing the pictures, and I am planning to use it for something else in the future.  But now, it's just sitting on the green console table.

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