Wednesday, July 11, 2012

diy vintage-style sign (no painting letters!)

I shared yesterday how I made the programs sign for our wedding, and I used a different technique on our guest book sign.
As I mentioned in my last post, I used scrap pieces of wood from my parent's garage, so I actually made two signs for this since there wasn't a piece long enough for a single sign.

The pieces I grabbed for this project were white mdf leftover from a shelving project my folks did.  To be honest, I was trying to make this sign the same way I made the programs sign, and just happened to stumble upon this no-painting (well, no painting the letters) technique.  I started out just like the first sign by painting my boards black. 

I let the boards dry, and printed out my words, and shaded the back with a pencil.
Then, just like the other sign, I taped this down and traced the letters with a pen, pressing hard, to leave a pencil outline on the board.
Then, I grabbed a old fork, and scraped off the paint on the lines of the letter, and then scraped the paint off the rest of the letter.  Here are the scrapings (and dog hair, always):
After doing that, I ended up with this.
The thing I love so much about these signs is that between the paint and the scraping, it leaves little marks in the letters that add a lot!

Originally, I was a little bummed about this sign actually being two signs, but now it works really well in our house.
And for the "guest" sign, I just added an "s" and put this this in our guest room.
It's fun to have mementos from our wedding in our house! 

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