Friday, July 13, 2012

console table makeover

About a month ago, our subdivision had a neighborhood garage sale.  It's actually really neat because everyone just sets up their own sale at their house, and the HOA does all the advertising, so everyone seemed to have a really good turn out.  I found a few really great pieces, including this console table for only $25.
This piece was only $25, and basically as soon as we got home, I took off the hardware, sanded it down and prepped it for spray painting.  I made a super quick decision on the color, and picked up a bottle of Rust-Oleum Painters Touch in Satin - Eden.  It's a gorgeous green color.
A few quick coats of the paint, a day to dry, and a few drawer pulls, and I had a brand new console table for about $30 total!
I plan to do something with the board we used on our guest book table and hang it on the wall, but I just haven't gotten that far yet!
This table is storing table linens and this bowl is a great place to drop keys and sunglasses when we walk in the door.  The bowl is from an old centerpiece, and I am going to clean it up to make a bit prettier.
And, check out this awesome "C" I found on clearance at Target for $2.38! It's actually a candle holder, which I think is a little silly, but I plan to put it up on a higher shelf, so you won't even see that!
Have you found anything great at garage sales this summer?  We are heading to one of my favorite places tomorrow..IKEA!!! I can't wait to share what we find.  Have a great weekend!!

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