Wednesday, July 25, 2012

bookshelf restyle

The day we closed on our house (and I literally mean that day), I went to Target and picked up three of these bookshelves for our living room.  We didn't have much furniture when we moved in, so getting three of these at $16 bucks a pop was a steal. They are regularly $20 a piece, but saving $12 was nice!
I lined them up on the wall of the stairs, and initially when we moved in, the top two tiers of shelves were books and the bottom two were DVDs.  Lately, I've been itching to get those ugly DVD boxes out of site, so into a DVD binder they went, and I had a million more possibilities for the space.

I did a quick restyle of the shelves, and snapped a few pictures.  I noticed something that I could change very easily and would add a lot.
See the holes where you can adjust the shelves too?  Obviously, since these bookshelves were only $16 each from Target, they are cheapo, but I didn't want them to look so much so.  I grabbed some black paint I have laying around (the bookshelves are espresso, but that small of a hole doesn't matter, and the color is close enough).  Using a qtip, I pushed the paint into each hole and twisted to cover.
See how much better that looks?
After I fixed that up in just a few minutes, and continued to restyle.  I printed some new pictures, added accessories and mementos from our life and here's what I ended up with.
I'm sad that I didn't get a before shot with the ugly DVDs so I could show you how truly wonderful this change is.
Mixing vertical and horizontal book displays is my favorite, and the cute little bowl/box on top of the books was a souvenir from our honeymoon.  And a picture of our bridal party rounds this shelf out.
More Wedding pictures :), and a candle stick I bought from Kohl's months ago for about $2.
Our cake topper.  I'm not sure this will live here forever, but it looks nice for now.
Everyone has these Ikea storage boxes in their house, and we are keeping our favorite movies in this box for quick access.  I used some rub-on letters I have for scrapbooking to label.
This shelf is one of my favorites.  I framed a piece of scapbook paper next to my brother's senior picture.  And the fantastic bottle in the center is actually a Patron bottle.  I have never had Patron before, but at our community garage sale last month I picked up 12 of these beauties for $1 total!  They are so beautiful, and I can wait to do more projects with them.

Restyling these shelves has been a great improvement, and I love to see some of our favorite people and things on them when we are in this room.

P.S. Speaking of the living room, we're working on a big project to cover the ugly hole over the fireplace.  Stay tuned...

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