Thursday, June 21, 2012

a phone full of memories

Today I was trying to find a way to clean up my phone a bit, I keep getting the message "low disc space", and found that I currently have over 500 pictures on my phone.  Looking through them, probably over 300 of them are my dogs (yikes!).  Here are some of my favorites.
Matthew and his parents - we were all at Red's Porch in Austin

Sunset looking at the Austin skyline.  This was my view on my daily jog at town lake. 
The day we bought his wedding ring.
Giant $25 burger our friend Jordan got at Red's porch.  It has two 1/2lb hamburger patties, jalapeno poppers, bacon, tomato, lettuce, onion straws, fried pickles, etc.  And of course, Jordan ate almost the entire thing! 
Kristin, Kat and Me at a Rockies game last fall
Easter Dinner 2012
Christmas stocking I knitted for Kiva! I had never knit a stocking, or even in the round before this project that I tackled three weeks before Christmas.  It was a bit stressful to say the least.
On our way to closing on our house!!
My brother with the pups on the day we got Roxy

My Aunt and Uncle's RSVP to our wedding...they had just told us that they are expecting and this card made my day!
All of the honey sticks for our wedding favors...more on that later.
Dress shopping with Mom for our wedding...she is stunning!  And it was a super fun day, too!
Rox was being a little too crazy when we needed to leave the house, so we found this crate on Craigslist for $20...she's not a huge fan
A plant I fell in love with at Home Depot...not sure where to put it yet, so we didn't buy it.
Hershey's Dunkers from Pizza Hut...amazing!
My new glasses, went to walmart and got these frames for $9!!
Flowers on the patio set
Showing Matthew's grandparents videos of our niece Kiva on the big screen!
Ceremony decor
My last nametag with my maiden name at church.
75 roses from Sam's Club for our wedding bouquets
Aden, Kiva and Roxy. Roxy and Kiva loved each other :)
Framed Scrabble board my parents made for us for our wedding.  Everyone on my Dad's side has one and we will be able to add our kid's names to them when we get there.
Raspberries are on their way in our yard!
New wreath for 4th of July.  Just need to get some ribbon to hang, and I'll be done!
Love going through old pictures and reminiscing...thinking about going through my phone from a few years ago to see what I have on there.


  1. That picture of Matt and his parents is a trip! When is that from? You have some great pictures posted. That burger was bigger than his face!!

  2. My phone gave me that message when I only had about 100 photos.... I think my hubby just changed my card to a larger memory, lol.

  3. Aden - that picture is from Shawn's birthday in 2010, I think...:) idk where you guys were, though :(

  4. Wow, look at all those pics! Loved the $25 burger :-)

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