Tuesday, June 19, 2012

open concept

Looking around the blogging and pinterest world, I have noticed one trend that I really want to try: open shelving in the kitchen.  And, we got some beautiful crisp white dishes for our wedding, and I am so excited to display them.
Better Homes & Gardens
As much as I love this look, and the convenience of having the dishes you use most out in the open, I really didn't want to take down cabinets, or buy and put up new shelves.  So, I found inspiration to achieve this look in another way.
The inspired Room
So, after asking my husband if he would mind if I tried this in our kitchen, I removed the cabinet doors on one of our cabinets.  So far, I am loving it (Matthew not so much), but we'll see if we keep it like this or not.
Don't mind the silly support bar in the middle there...we are still working on a solution for that if we decide to keep the shelves like this.  

What do you think?  I am loving this so far, and am debating putting some type of fabric or wallpaper backing in these cabinets to add a pop of color or pattern.  I also want to add some curtains to go with another project I'm working on to bring color into this space.

Update: Check out what it looks like now! We took down this cabinet, and put up floating shelves.  I also added some scrapbook paper art to finish these off.


  1. I've been trying to talk my husband into knocking down some cabinets for over a year!! Good luck - I almost have him on board....

  2. Don't listen to matt. The open shelving looks great. You don't have to do it with all the cabinets....the one there has a lot of pop. I think a background lining could be cool too.


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