May 2, 2012

spray painting by hand

After last week's painting of the office, I took a few days off from projects.  Then, yesterday, I got back to it.  I painted all the hardware in the office.  

When we moved in, our house was all oak woodwork, and ugly brass hardware.  So, as we paint each room, we are painting the trim white, and spray painting the existing hardware a brushed bronze.  However, since we're only doing one room at a time, a lot of our doors are white on one side, and oak on the other, and the door hardware is brass on one side, and bronze on the other.  

Because we're only doing half of the hardware right now, I really didn't want to take the doors down, and the hinges off the frame, just to paint one side.  And, it was surprisingly easy!  All you need to do this is some type of container to spray, spray paint into, a teeny tiny paint brush, and your spray paint.  I will say, I was not thinking logically, and first sprayed the paint into a styrofoam cup, and it ate my cup away in less than a minute! Luckily I noticed quickly, so no spray paint on the carpet!
Start by holding the spray paint bottle upside down into your receptacle (I used an old, glass candle holder), and spray gently so that the liquid comes out, vs just misting (and painting).  Then, get your teeny tiny paint brush, and (carefully) paint your hinges.  The paint will dry relatively fast in the receptacle, so you have to paint quickly.
I quickly painted the hinges with two coats. After I finished the hinges, I took off the door knobs and spray painted those as well; look how great it looks now!
One more item off my checklist!
Office Checklist
  • Paint Walls
  • Paint Woodwork
  • Paint Accent Wall
  • Paint Hardware
  • Organize Files on Bookshelf
  • Add Curtains
  • Keep Cornice/Move Cornice?
  • Add Art/Accessories
  • Add something to front of desk

Oh, and I bought the cutest file organizer! I will share with you tomorrow! Happy Wednesday!


  1. Anonymous2:36 PM

    This is genius!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! =)

  2. Awesome blog. Thanks for sharing this review Erin.


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