Thursday, May 24, 2012

our engagement

1 year ago today, the most amazing man asked me to marry him.  And in 10 days, I get to do just that.
It was a Tuesday evening, and we were all packed and ready to go to Colorado the next day to celebrate my brother's high school graduation.  We were sitting on the couch watching The Biggest Loser and Matthew lit the candle on our coffee table.  This wasn't a strange occurrence in our house, so it didn't seem strange at all.  A little while later, he got up and went to the bathroom. 

Suddenly, after a few minutes, he says to me "Do you think this is the nicest thing I own?."  He was dressed in a great sage green dress shirt, black slacks and a black and silver tie.  Of course, being the ridiculous person I am sometimes, I immediately say to him "Why are you wearing that? You aren't going to need anything  that nice on our trip!"  He just smiles at me and turns off the television and lights.  

This is the part where I messed up his plans a bit.  He reaches for the stereo remote and after a few tries to get a certain Matt Wertz song to play, he lets it go.  Now earlier in the day, I had noticed that the ipod on the stereo dock was lit up, and it was bothering me, so I did something to it, and that is why Matthew's romantic music wasn't working. Oops...

Still sitting on the couch, Matthew came over to me and got down on one knee.  He told me a million different amazing things about how much he loves me and our life together, and then pulls out the most beautiful ring and asks me to spend the rest of my life with him.  Of course, I immediately said yes. :)

What a wonderful moment.  And since I wasn't blogging at this time last year, I thought I would share some of our engagement pictures.  They were taken by the amazing Andy Sams, and he will be coming up here to shoot our wedding as well!  We couldn't be happier with these photos - Andy's ability to capture who we are, and what we feel for each other is incredible!
P.S. I know it seems like a lot of photos, but Andy gave us like 70 different shots.  Woo!

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