Tuesday, May 29, 2012

new flower bed

Our house used to be a rental, so it seems that none of the tenants ever took any interest in adding anything to the yard.  Let's take a quick look at where we started (please excuse the crazy lawn...the renters weren't allowed to water until May every year, and had restrictions, so we also have to do some damage control very soon).
Boring, huh? The only not boring part of our yard is this:
Ick! There is some type of concrete bowl in the middle of this corner of our yard, and we have yet to start digging in there to see what we have.  It appears to be filled with sand...so we'll keep you posted on that.  But, we do have some irises that came up, and a few stray aspens that have started growing from the neighbor's yard.

A few months ago, my Grandma called and let me know that she and my Grandpa wanted to gift us some Lilacs for our yard as their house warming gift. How Sweet!  Lilacs are my absolute favorite flower, so I was thrilled! 

After some drawings and plans were made, we came up with the plan to create about a 3' flower bed most of the way around the yard to help add some interest and depth. But, we also wanted to create a nice barrier that would make mowing the lawn easier. 

With the wedding coming up, we opted to just do one side of the yard to get the lilacs in the ground for now, and we will continue after our honeymoon.  
We started by digging up the grass in squares, and (I learned this by doing some research online) flipped over the squares, with the grass down.  Supposedly, this will kill the grass, and will allow us to keep our top soil.  Plus, we didn't have to find something to do with all that grass that we pulled up. 

Add three lilac bushes, and a beautiful layer of mulch, and we've got our first flower bed.  And we are absolutely loving the way this looks! Plus, they are supposed to be 8'-10' tall when mature, so they will provide some much-needed privacy.  Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma!

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