Wednesday, May 30, 2012

my first reupholstering project - part 1

My family thinks I'm nuts.  It's the week of my wedding, and what have I been working on? That's right! Reupholstering a wing back chair I got a few months ago!  
This chair was a whopping $12 at the ReStore, and has been sitting in our living room/basement for quite a while.  If you notice the hole in the left arm, that was the design work of our beautiful new puppy.

I have never tackled a project like this and after reading a few tips online, I started the demo.  The best way to reupholster a chair on your own, is to carefully remove each piece so you can use those pieces as a pattern for your new fabric.  

I started with the bottom, and took off the very bottom piece, the bottom piping, and the back. I kept a list of the order I took the pieces off to determine the order to put them back on, and labeled each piece with a sharpie.
Next, was moving on to the sides, sides of the arms, arms, seat back and the front part (under the cushion).
I also took some snapshots of how certain pieces were stapled on, and how fabric was tucked.  To be completely honest, I should have taken more pictures.  If you're going to start a reupholstering project, don't assume you'll remember how something is attached, take a picture of every step!
Overall, taking apart the chair (very carefully), took me about 3 hours total, and this is what I ended up with.

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